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House of Eros Range

House Of Eros Bondage Belt
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Brand: House of Eros Range Model: HELBB
Made from 1.5 Inch leather this belt is available in two sizes medium and large. It is made in two parts a back with a buckle at either end and a front with two sets of eyeleted holes. The back gives a D ring at the centre back and offers two D rings at each side, the front has a D ring at its cent..
Ex Tax:£80.00
Brand: House of Eros Range Model: HELRBB
This harness designed by a woman for women is a combination of leather and rope the leather strapping is for comfort and fit and the rope is designed for breast bondage. There a number of ways in which the breasts can be tied up giving different sensations in a very easy to use manner. We have inclu..
Ex Tax:£76.50
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