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The Late X

Brand: The Late X Model: 2900025
Long black latex shirt with short sleeves and a zipper in the front to perfectly emphasise your curves...
Ex Tax:£69.99
Brand: The Late X Model: 2900653
Dipped black latex lingerie top with four suspender straps. Circled stick-outs for the breast. No stocking are not included...
Ex Tax:£99.99
Brand: The Late X Model: 2900602
Short black gloves for HIM and HER. Cast in anatomic shape...
Ex Tax:£40.99
Brand: The Late X Model: 2900173
Slim latex mini dress. Black...
Ex Tax:£56.99
Brand: The Late X Model: 2900033
Simple tight-fitting, but nevertheless very elastic skirt...
Ex Tax:£38.49
Brand: The Late X Model: 2900041
Latex Black Stockings.Skinny, thigh high, dipped latex stockings in black. Without shoes...
Ex Tax:£52.49
Brand: The Late X Model: 2950162
Black latex briefs with an inflatable plug, approx 12 cm long, when it's not inflated is 4 cm. Flat-dipped. With a space for the penis and testicles. Pump ball with pressure regulator. Made from natural rubber latex...
Ex Tax:£74.99
Brand: The Late X Model: 2910071
Black skin-tight boxer briefs with penis sleeve to enhance your masculine presence...
Ex Tax:£52.99
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