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Brand: You2Toys Model: 770400
Experience a new sensual stimulation with the black blindfold. Polyester...
Ex Tax:£3.99
Brand: Rimba Model: r820
Blindfold, 100% polyester. 150 X 10 cm...
Ex Tax:£16.49
Brand: Rimba Model: r576
Genuine leather cushioned blindfold, adjustable with buckle...
Ex Tax:£35.99
Brand: PipeDream Model: PD4406-23
Create thrilling sexual excitement with this beautiful Fetish Fantasy Leather Love Mask. Try it on your lover or use it as a nightshade for yourself. When you put it on your partner, it softly covers their eyes, keeping your lover in a pleasurable state of darkness and anticipation that heightens th..
Ex Tax:£10.99
Brand: Kink Industries Model: FS-AD310
Contoured to accomodate the curvature of the face, its padded and adjustable with a velcro fastening...
Ex Tax:£13.49
Brand: Rimba Model: r605
Genuine leather blindfold, adjustable with buckles...
Ex Tax:£20.49
Brand: Rimba Model: r590
Blindfold decorated with rivets, adjustable with buckle...
Ex Tax:£32.99
Brand: Rimba Model: r606
Genuine leather blindfold with detachable blinkers, adjustable with buckles...
Ex Tax:£22.49
Brand: Rimba Model: r591
Open eye mask decorated with rivets, adjustable with buckle...
Ex Tax:£32.99
Brand: You2Toys Model: 773255
Experience new sensual stimulation with the furry patterned blindfold. Polyester..
Ex Tax:£3.99
Red And Black Leather Mask Red And Black Leather Mask
Out Of Stock
Brand: Rimba Model: r592
Black and red leather open eye mask, with buckle at the back for sizing..
Ex Tax:£52.49
Brand: Rouge Garments Model: RBF1011PK
Leather blindfold with elasticated strap for all size fit...
Ex Tax:£12.99
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