What do you find most attractive about your body?

Perhaps you find your bum, boobs, or your thighbrows (what did you say?), or your other features most attractive. We have sexy lingerie for you to flaunt these features further.
If you want to flaunt your Boobs

There are numerous techniques in which you can draw more attention to your boobs, whether you have a bigger or smaller cup size.
Generate attractive cleavage features using push-up cups. Likewise, use soft lace and sheer mesh if you want to flaunt those nipples.
Perhaps you want to try something out-of-the-box. Wear a peek-a-boo bra to allow your nipples to peek through openly, or an open-cup bra to show off your features.

Our recommendations: The red-hot chemise from our Seduce Me set, which comes in both base and plus size, and includes push-up cups to flaunt your features, as well as a black satin ribbon, which makes your sexy boobs the center of attraction.

If you want to flaunt your Bum
So, if you have an attractive backside and you want to show it off, there are many ways to go about it, from using a simple thong to decorating your bum with ruching, bows, and embroidery.

While cage-back knickers initiate your desired curves, you can make your butt the center of attention by using cut-outs. Likewise, your butt looks like a magnificently packaged present with a bow above it. 

If you want to show off that sexy base feature of your butt, and at the same time, make your legs longer, you should opt for high-leg knickers.
Our recommendations: Crotchless briefs from our Moonlight bra collection, which comes in base and plus sizes, and includes scalloped lace and an appealing cut-out, which reveals your sexy assets.

If you want to flaunt your Legs
An excellent choice for you to flaunt your thighs, particularly your thighbrows (the line, which forms at the beginning of your thigh on bending frontward) is by using our Adore Me body lingerie.

If you want to make your legs the center of attention, do so by wearing an agelessly tempting pair of stockings. As they move smoothly over your calves and thighs, stockings form a top-to-toe appealing appearance.  And, together with a suspender belt, they jointly form a sexy bra set instantly.
You can choose from an extensive assortment of designs, from regular, sheer nylons to retro-fashion back-seams, pattern-designed lace and wet-appearance stockings that make your admirer love your legs intimately.
Our recommendations: Hunny Bunny Rose-Patterned Lace Stockings, which comes in either plus or base size.

If you want to flaunt your Waist
If you have hourglass curves, and you want to flaunt it, do so by wearing contoured panels, masked boning and corset lacing for the emphasis on your narrowest features.
Although a corset or Basque will make your shape the center of attention, using a cutaway style will function similarly.
Our recommendations: The acutely sexy Boudoir Belle Cherry Push-Up Basque Collection, which comes in plus or base size, and features curved, corset lacing-design panel that syncs with your body’s natural curves to makes your sexy curves the center of attraction.

If you want to flaunt your Back
Flaunting your back can be a very sex-appealing substitute for a plunging neckline, and can either be slightly sexy or blatantly attractive, depending on what you desire.
Use appealing lace patterns or a set of criss-cross straps to make the nape and curve of your neck and back respectively, the center of attention.
To make your appearance more tempting, use a wholly backless all-in-one with a body-exposing thong back
Our recommendations: Lace and Fishnet backless body form our Provocatease collection, which comes in both plus and base sizes.

If you want to flaunt your Shoulders & Collarbone
Decorate your neckline with lingerie, which includes decorative choke-design patterns and fetish-appearance strips. Likewise, you can opt for a Bardot-fashion neckline, which exposes your shoulders completely.

Not only that harness-design lingerie is sexy AF, but it is also a hot piece which transforms a plain outfit, as it shows over your dress’s neckline, and creates an appearance, which suggests more appealing features beneath.
Our recommendations: Basque from our Rendezvous set, which with its slight collar wrapping around your neck, off-the-shoulder sleeves and stimulating straps, create an alluring look for you.

If you want to flaunt your Stomach

You can flaunt your stomach in different ways, whether you use bra sets possessing low-slung knickers, or high-waisted designs, which create emphasis on your flat (or round) belly.
Our recommendations: try out our Unwrap Me Babydoll, which comes in plus and base sizes. It has a flyaway style which flaunts your belly as you walk. And, it also has strips, which you tie or loosen just below your boobs, as well as different shades, which include tan-flattering white shade.