Any baking, doughnut, sponge cake and muffin fans out there anywhere? That’s BDSM to you, of course! Naturally, we jest… but only in part because it seems that a series of sex positions is now doing the rounds, all inspired by popular TV show The Great British Bake Off.

According to Metro, Ann Summers has compiled this fun little list of sex positions to try, all named after infamous phrases from the show.

There is, for example, The Showstopper which involves the person penetrating lying on the bed with their knees over the edge and their feet on the floor. The other person then clambers on top and faces away, squatting down to allow them complete control of both speed and depth of penetration.

Or what about The Technical Challenge, apparently named because of the fact that it may prove tricky to master. Both people should sit down opposite each other with their legs wrapped around each other during penetration. You’re sure to have lots of fun practising this one, that’s for sure!

If it’s further inspiration you’re looking for when it comes to positions in the bedroom, check out Women’s Health and this article on its website where you’ll find over 40 different positions to try out. What about the pretzel dip, where one partner kneels and straddles the other person’s leg, allowing for deeper penetration while maintaining eye contact.

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