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About Us

Hello, we're HunnyBunny...

As a UK based sexual well-being super adult store, Hunny Bunny our aim is to provide top quality intimate products and novelties in the market to customers of all sexual orientations. Whether you want new sexual idea for yourself, our  on line shop novelty gift to surprise your friend or want spark up your sexual life Hunny Bunny team  is always here for you.

In the current market, especially in the EU market, we have found that the majority of adult product suppliers & retailers are all providing a very similar range of products and brands. After the recent years of a boom in the adult product industry, many adult product users are starting to look for new ideas to add to their sexual life. This is why we are here! Our team is constantly working and researching to obtain the latest branded products from Japan at a very reasonable price to deliver to our customers.

All our products are 100% genuine and we only deal with reputable suppliers. Our customer service team are based in the UK and we value all our customers’ point of views. Whether its couple’s playtime or for your own personal pleasure there is fun to be had with all the exciting adult toys the industry has to offer.

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