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Pjur Cult Ultra Shine For Rubber And Latex 250ml
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: r3146
pjur CULT is a revolutionary formula that helps you slip into tight rubber and latex clothing (even for the very hairy). pjur CULT is also an excellent rubber and latex conditioner. The special ingredients penetrate the molecular structure and extend the life of the garments, making rubber and latex..
Ex Tax:£23.99
Brand: Rimba Model: R9988
Shining spray and conditioner in one. For all latex and rubber garments...
Ex Tax:£18.99
Brand: Sharon Sloane Model: 1729
Latex-Spray gives your rubber gear the rich, reflective shine that is sure to stimulate any sexual encounter. This Spray will make all latex rubber shine bright..
Ex Tax:£4.99
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