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Male Sexy Underwear

Brand: Passion Lingerie Model: MP009
Offering a breathtaking view at the front, and an even better surprise at the back, these stunning Violet and Black Shorts, from the brilliantly bold Passion male lingerie range, are certain to make a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to be in their presence. An elasticated waistband ensure..
Ex Tax:£20.99
Brand: Rimba Model: 1983.1
Original Edition Jockstrap with a 2 Inch wide grey colour waistband and a white pouch. This comfortable briefs supports and protects and reduces strain...
Ex Tax:£16.99
Brand: Passion Lingerie Model: MP017
Passion shorts and vest. See through mesh vest with short sleeves and matching shorts.  ..
Ex Tax:£31.99
Brand: Passion Lingerie Model: MP010
Passion body for men. High leg body with g-string back.  ..
Ex Tax:£29.99
Brand: Passion Lingerie Model: MP020
Waiter Set by Passion Lingerie. Mens black and white slip with collar detail and full back. Also includes white wrist cuffs and black bow tie.  ..
Ex Tax:£20.99
Brand: Rimba Model: r1930
Size, One Size. Colour, Black Devil. Material, 100 percent Polyamide...
Ex Tax:£13.99
Brand: Rimba Model: r1946
Size One Size, Colour Pink Pig, Material 100 percent Polyamide...
Ex Tax:£12.99
Brand: Rimba Model: r1955
Size One Size, Colour Brown Horse, Material 100% Polyester...
Ex Tax:£15.99
Men Black Shiny GString
Out Of Stock
Brand: Rimba Model: R1919
Men Black Shiny G-String. One size...
Ex Tax:£20.99
Brand: Passion Lingerie Model: MP018
Fusing together darkness and slight into a striking ensemble, this Black and White Shorts and Top combo, from the devilishly decadent Passion male lingerie range, provides a tight, tantalising style that will invite all onlookers.   A halter neck tie top fits comfortably around the neck and is per..
Ex Tax:£36.99
Brand: Passion Lingerie Model: MP004
Passion fishnet boxers have a solid elastic waist band.  ..
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Rimba Model: R1975
Mens Animal Print Briefs With Zipper. One size...
Ex Tax:£15.99
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