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Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: VBUDP
This graceful silicone dual vibe has a beautiful rosebud tickler for pinpoint stimulation. Splash proof, adjustable dial controls...
Ex Tax:£95.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: vx-vbut
This beautiful vibrator is made of 100% Elastomer. It has tracked pearls that light up with multi-colors, a round bulbous non realistic head and a tickler that encompasses the whole clitoral area. The closeness of the tickler to the shaft allows the butterfly shaped stimulator to hug the clitoris, g..
Ex Tax:£96.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: VDAH
From Vibratex, the Dahlia features a smooth, velvety silicone, non-phallic sleeve. The bulbous head is gently tapered allowing for easy insertion with the narrowing of the shaft allowing for full constriction of muscles during use. The Dahlia features two vibrator bullets for maximum stimulation, on..
Ex Tax:£90.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: vx-vdue
Stretchy 100% elastomer in the Vibratex version of a reusable cock ring. Touch sensitive or continuous vibration with a toggle switch on the motor. Has two motors for surround vibration . Battery pack can be removed for cleaning and replacing batteries. Great for partner play, this toy also comes pa..
Ex Tax:£45.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: vx-vbee
This crystal lavender pliable vibe has a rotating shaft with nubs all over it. The vibrator is in the head of this toy to deliver specific sensations to target areas. There is no clitoral tickler on this toy, but it is designed more for internal penetration and G-spot massage with its beehive shaped..
Ex Tax:£74.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: VMMPR
Small but powerful vibrator with 6 speeds and a soft silicone head. USB rechargeable so can be taken anywhere. Runs for an hour on a full charge and is ultra quiet...
Ex Tax:£71.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: MSRP
A petite powerhouse, battery operated and quiet. 6 functions and a silicone massage head on a flexible neck for all those tight angles. Great for travel, discreeet and shower friendly...
Ex Tax:£41.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: VMYA
High quality g-spot attachment for Mystic Wand Massager!..
Ex Tax:£26.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: VMYST
Finally a water-resistant, hand held massager to rival the Hitachi! 6 ultra quiet functions and a power button. Waterproof Wireless..
Ex Tax:£61.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: vx-vqui
A truly exotic and unique toy made of 100% elastomer, the Quiver is designed for pure pleasure. The vibrating head is angled for G-spot massage, the tickler is perfectly situated to hit all the right places on the clitoris unlike many other ticklers out on the market, and the fringes flutter for a s..
Ex Tax:£75.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: vx-vrp
Thanks to HBO's Sex and the City, this fantastic dual-action is one of the most popular vibrators around and a must-have for every woman. Find out why Charlotte wouldn't leave her apartment after getting one of her own! Is it the tumbling bulbous pearls that massage the vaginal walls, or the rabbit ..
Ex Tax:£61.99
Brand: Vibratex Sex Toys Model: vx-vrock
This unusual toy is made of 100% Elastomer which is superior to vinyl and more economical than silicone. A vibrating bulbous head and specifically designed clitoral stimulator pack this toy with extras for a thoroughly sensual experience. As with our Butterfly vibe, the tickler is perfect for the wo..
Ex Tax:£76.99
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