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Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 7PSBUBPL
Don't let your bubble burst.Feel your body tremble with pleasure as you insert each bubble and embrace the rising arousal as their girth widens. Bubbles firm T shaped base will vibrate and pulsate on your highly sensitive area, whilst it's strong vibrations surge through each bubble to deliver overw..
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 10ZINPP
Fleur d’AmourFeel flickering waves of pure delight as Zinnia' precision petals tease and tantalises your secret and most sensitive parts of your body. Lose yourself in intense orgasmic pleasure as you choose your passion with each of the 10 powerful vibration functions that are delivered by the hand..
Ex Tax:£44.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 10DUETPP
Would you like to spice up your evenings, in and out of the house, with your partner? Try the RO-Duet wireless remote control, vibrating love egg for couples. Your partner can control scintillating vibrations and pulsations from up to 10 metres away that can rouse you to extraordinary orgasms.Live o..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 10VORTEX
You spin me right round!Get caught in a vortex of passion of 10cm of insertable length. Feel surges of passion with each ridge as you pleasure your most intimate areas and enjoy safe anal play and ultimate stimulation as Vortex's flared base sits firmly and securely to your body.Made from body safe ..
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 10RO120TTPMP
gold bullet with a tattoo style design..
Ex Tax:£22.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 10RO160RG
The RO-160mm is a big bang bullet that is guaranteed to hit your passion sweet spot every single time. Specially designed for the lovers of the RO Bullet range but this time it's bigger, bolder and seductively beautiful. This powerful passion bullet will glide, stroke and tease with every tingling p..
Ex Tax:£24.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: bbkv
Prostate stimulation so good it's...Bad! Bad Boy is a new combined prostate and perineum stimulator. The design is based on the now famous Rude-Boy but has added contours to provide a more fulfilling sensation for the more experienced user. Produced using soft and flexible medical grade silicone B..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 10VAREXBK
Power Just where you want it!The obvious choice for men who love power! Varex is a 10-function anal plug with handheld control designed to give you bigger and better orgasmic satisfaction. Easy insertion together with the slim neck ensures that Varex sits firmly in position while you sit back and en..
Ex Tax:£54.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 7RO80BK
Delight your senses with body shaking orgasms from the RO-80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator. A tapered tip targets your most sensitive areas for overwhelming precision stimulation...
Ex Tax:£10.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 7PSTEABK
Tease me, please me.Streamlined to perfection and designed to tantalise Teazer is an ideal toy for beginner's anal play or a cheeky stimulator for the more experienced. Feel each pleasure vibration as it travels from the unique t-shaped base to the very tip as its tickles and stimulates your secret ..
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 7ABBKV
Ideal for beginners Ass-Berries provides juicy fun for your bum! These discreet yet perfectly formed berries make an ideal toy for your fruitiest moods. Produced using our own IntraMed material Ass-Berries are hypo-allergenic for your safe play. Supplied with the legendary RO-80mm bullet you'll be q..
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 10IGCBBK
Discover the cheeky side that loves to show you exciting new passions with Cheeky Boy Intense, your 10 function, rechargeable vibrating dual-action prostate and perineum massager that's ideal for those craving fun and games during their play. Let its four spheres rouse you to delightful pleasure hig..
Ex Tax:£65.99
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